Why do we Choose Respect?  It's a Choice.  A choice we vow to make every single day.

We at Respect The Flag Apparel want to arm all patriotic Americans with gear that shows they have made the conscious choice to Choose Respect.  In a culture that is promoting division and conflict, and trying to continue to lead us Americans further astray from our forefathers vision and core values, we have a choice to Choose Respect.  We choose to respect our flag and country for all of the struggles and battles, blood that was shed, and lives that have been lost in the mission to protect our freedom, liberty and independence.  We choose to respect for our faith, and the liberties we have one nation under God. 

When you fearlessly wear our designs, you are making a statement, but also encouraging others to do the same to stand up for Respect.  The courage of one person can change a whole nation.  

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